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What is the difference between CPO Macbook and a Refurbished Macbook

If you are in the market for a New “Used Macbook Pro,” you have probably come across different companies selling Used Macbooks with different Descriptions for these Macbooks. If you are new to buying a Refurbished Macbook, you would be feeling pretty confused by now. We set out to help you with this article.

CPO Macbooks

CPO Macbooks or Certified Pre-Owned Macbooks are used Macbooks that are traded in on new Purchases. These Macbooks undergo a quality control check to ensure everything works. Only if a fault is discovered will the Macbook be repaired. These Macbooks are usually in the same condition as it was supplied by the Manufacturer. CPO Macbooks however can not be confirmed CPO by the average user as it’s not possible to see whether a device has been refurbished or not.

Refurbished Macbooks

In your quest to find a new used Macbook Pro, you should have encountered the title “Refurbished Macbook”. This title refers to a Macbook that has been salvaged, in many cases from insurance companies, and fixed to work like new. These Macbooks are not refurbished by the manufacturer, in this case, Apple. These Macbooks are refurbished by a 3rd party Apple Repair Specialist like us to work and function like new.

Demo Macbooks

Another title you might have come across is Demo Macbooks. Demo Macbooks refers to Macbooks that have been used to display Macbooks in stores. Although Demo Macbooks can be found in South Africa, it’s more than not the case of a Used Macbook that’s still in very good condition.
When buying a Macbook Pro that’s been used or refurbished, it’s important to choose a Macbook with a quality guarantee. iFixMacs SA – gives a 1 Year Quality Guarantee on all its CPO Macbooks. This ensures that you get peace of mind that your Macbook is a quality tested Macbook